Outdoor Rink Info

The Outdoor rink is for use by all St. Andrews Community Club members of all ages. But as a club member, we would appreciate if you see children being rough, using inappropriate language or any inappropriate behaviour that you report them to ice maintenance staff, if you don’t want to deal with it yourself. We have heard complaints that younger families are not using the rink because of the actions of older kids so we need to know when it happens.

Minor hockey teams that play out of the St. Andrews Community Club can book ice slots on the outdoor through Garry at icerental.standrews@gmail.com. Teams that have booked the ice will get first priority.

Lights on the outdoor rink will be turned off at 11pm every night to be courteous to our neighbours and to reduce the noise after this time. Please use the garbage cans provided to keep our rink clean.

The use of Dressing room #5 for changing is available only while the club is open. Please see the ice booking schedule for available hours as times may vary.

We would like to especially give a big thank you to all the volunteers that helped fix up the outdoor rink, and A BIG THANKS TO THE ST ANDREWS FIRE HALL that VOLUNTEERED many hours to helping us out. The Firefighters have been a big supporter to our club over the last number of years.