Outdoor Rink Info

The Outdoor rink is for use by  St. Andrews Community Club members of all ages. But as a club member, we would appreciate if you see children being rough, using inappropriate language or any inappropriate behaviour that you report them to ice maintenance staff. We have heard complaints that younger families are not using the rink because of the actions of older kids so we need to know when it happens.

Skills and Ringette Teams that play out of the St. Andrews Community Club can book ice slots on the outdoor through Garry at icerental.standrews@gmail.com. Teams that have booked the ice will get first priority.

Lights on the outdoor rink will be turned off at 9pm every night to be courteous to our neighbours and to reduce the noise and damage after this time.   Please use the garbage cans provided to keep our rink clean.

The use of Dressing room #5 for changing is available only while the club is open to all club members. Please see the ice booking schedule for available hours as times may vary.

No government or RM funding is received to operate the ODR. Club fees are used to cover the costs of operating the ODR including making it, maintaining it, fixing the structure, providing lights, replacing nets when they get damaged, painting, cleaning, picking up broken beer bottles and garbage, etc.  The ODR is maintained by paid staff and no one has volunteered this year to help run it.

The ODR was paid for by the club by taking out a mortgage.  No one donated money, supplies or materials to build this rink.  The mortgage was paid off in 2018.

If someone is interested in sponsoring or running a fundraiser to cover the costs of the ODR so it can be offered to everyone please email staccregistration@shaw.ca.

Please note hockey players 9 and up have not paid a club fee this year with their hockey fees unless you register separately with St. Andrews Community Club for it.  Not  $1 of your hockey registration fees paid to  LSMHA goes to community club fees or memberships.  This is the opposite of the Winnipeg hockey associations where club fees are a part of every hockey registration.

Parents coming with kids do not need a membership.  For families with more than 2 kids. you only pay for first two kids.

Members use only for ODR is not something new, but LSMHA not collecting the club fee is new in 2018/2019 year.  That takes a lot of money out of our budget.

BIG THANKS to the ST ANDREWS FIRE HALL that have dropped the base for the rink again this year so our staff could then finish it of with the zamboni.

A Pleasure rink is provided beside the rink and it is free to use by anyone.  No sticks or pucks are allowed on this pleasure rink.

When parking, please park in the parking lot and no vehicles are allowed past the corner of the building for safety reasons.