Soccer Parents Info

2018 season runs from April 30 to June 24th for all divisions.

Micro and Mini Soccer 2018

Youth Soccer (8U and up)


Timbits Convenor – Vikki Gouveia
Youth Convenor – Vikki Gouveia
Ref Convenor – TBD
Equipment and Fields – Denise Sardo

U4 and U6 Soccer 2018

Another year of soccer is about to begin in St. Andrews. Please read the following information as some things may have changed since last year.


This year we will be playing at the St Andrews Airport fields.
Click here for location.

Game Time

U4 teams are scheduled to start at 6:00pm and run until 6:30pm. on Mondays and Wednesdays. U6 teams are scheduled to start at 6:35 p.m. and run until 7:35 p.m. Please try to arrive at the fields at least 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Coaches will begin practicing on time, even if the whole team is not there.


All micro and mini teams have snacks after their games. The team manager is responsible for creating the snack schedule and distributing at the first game. Snacks for the first game can be brought by the team managers. It is recommended that coaches and assistant coaches be kept off the snack schedule. Snacks can be as simple as watermelon, oranges, cheese strings, muffins etc. All snacks should be nut free.

Please email your team manager or coach if your child has a food allergy.


At the first game, each timbit player will receive a Tim Hortons uniform that they will keep and wear for the season. All players should have a good pair of runners or soccer cleats and a pair of shin guards covered by soccer socks. Hats are not be worn on the field.


Portable washrooms will be available.


The fields and parking lot is a smoke free zone. No smoking anywhere on the property.


Decisions to cancel will be made by 5:30pm and communicated out.

*For micro and mini parents – you can always make your own decision if you do not want your child to play during inclement weather.

Player Requests

Requests to play with friends will be considered on an individual basis at the time of team formation only.

Soccer Photos

May 28th-31st at St Andrews CC. Schedule and prices to follow.

TimBits Jamboree

The soccer jamboree will be held on June 23rd&24th, at the Selkirk Rec. Complex fields. Schedule and details to follow.

Tim Horton’s Selkirk Location

All players participating in Timbits Soccer will be entitled to a complimentary juice, small milk or small hot chocolate when they come into Tim Horton’s following their games during the 2018 season. Each player must show a Tim Horton’s staff member their “I just played and I’m thirsty” imprint at the bottom of their jersey prior to receiving their drink. Please note this does not apply when going through the Tim Horton’s drive-thru.

Youth Soccer (8U and up)

Dates of Play

Mondays to Thursdays.


U8 HOME FIELD- St. Andrews Airport
U10 HOME FIELD- St. Andrews Airport
U12 HOME FIELD- Lockport Middle School
U15 HOME FIELD- To be determined
U18 HOME FIELD- To be determined

All youth teams will travel for away games to East Selkirk, Petersfield, Selkirk & Stonewall.

Please remember that parents have to sit opposite the players at every game.

No smoking of tobacco products are allowed at Lockport School or Crotia property 24 hours 7 days a week. This rule applies to all school properties, including away games in East Selkirk. Please adhere to these rules while you are attending your child’s soccer games and practices.


Due to problems that occurred in past year there will be no dogs allowed at any of the soccer fields. The schools and RM already have a no dog policy.

Coach/Team Manager/Parent Rep Descriptions

All teams require parent volunteers to coach and manage the team’s needs.

Jersey Deposits

You will have to pay a $30 jersey deposit before getting your jersey. All Team Managers MUST get a $30 post-dated cheque dated June 25, 2017 for each jersey they give out. The Team Manager will take care of these cheques until your jersey is returned. Managers will hand back the jerseys as a set at the end of the year. Parents who have more than one child will have to write cheques for each child and hand them in to each team manager. Each cheque should be made out to St. Andrews Community Club for $30 and dated June 24, 2018. You should also write the jersey number and team on the cheque. If players do not return their jerseys at the tournament, and if we do not get them back at the windup, the cheques will be cashed.

Note to Team Managers- please keep the cheques and hand in the jerseys as a set or with cheques for the missing jerseys at the windup.

Unpaid Registrations

If you have outstanding fees please make sure you drop your cheque off at the Canteen in the community club ASAP. As your child will not be allowed to play until the fees are paid. The Canteen is open every Wednesday night but may be open other night depending on activities.

Missing a Game

Please let you coach know if your child will be missing a game. It is really important as some teams do not have a lot of spares. The coach then can try to fill the position if too many players are away.


Coaches will decide time and location to run practices. In the event of a field conflict, please notify the soccer convenor for resolution. Teams using Croatia CC Soccer fields for practice are asked to kindly give the convenor the practice schedule as Croatia CC requires this information.

Linesmen (10U, 12U 14U and 17U)

We are required to provide 2 linesmen for every home game. The Team Manager will create a schedule for parents to sign up. Any remaining open shifts will be assigned to a parent by the Team Manager. If a parent cannot make a shift it is their responsibility to find a replacement. Every game will count as 1 hour towards your volunteer hours.


Protocol for rain days – It is up to the Coach of the home team to determine if the game will be played. Coaches/team managers will then email the parents of their team to inform them. On days when it starts to rain or is lightening while the game is in process, refs will make the decision to cancel the remainder of the game.

Soccer Photos

Team photos are scheduled for the week of May 28-31 at the St Andrews CC. Details and schedule to follow.

Youth Soccer Tournament

Scheduled for the end of June. Details TBD.

St. AndrewsCommunity Club Summer Sport Windup:
June 26th. Details TBD.

British Soccer Camp

St. Andrews Soccer Association will be hosting the Challenger British Soccer Camps again this year. Register early to ensure your spot so you are not disappointment. Everyone had a great time last year. Here is the link for more info:
British Soccer Camp Info


St. Andrew’s Soccer Convenors