STACC Covid Mitigation Policy – Revised Oct. 24, 2020

St. Andrews Community Club

Ice renters notes for 2020/21

October 24, 2020

The St. Andrews Community Club is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our users and staff is a priority. Below are the following changes that have had to be implemented this year.

1. Hourly rate will be $195 per hour plus gst. The increase is due to the need to hire an extra person to maintain COVID cleanliness standards.

2. Ice rentals will be available for rent October 5th, 2020.

3. All groups are responsible to ensure that all their families are aware and follow these rules.

These rules may change throughout the season based on the provincial requirements. Please review the website and facebook site for the up to date rules. We will email them out to all the contract ice renters too. But sometimes rules change quickly and very little notice maybe given.

Please do not come to St Andrews CC if you or anyone in your family:

• are feeling sick,

• has travelled outside of Manitoba in the last 14 days, excluding travel to western Canada, the territories or Ontario west of Terrace Bay, on a flight or in a workplace cluster of COVID – 19 cases within the last 14 days

• has come into contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID – 19,

• has been in contact with someone who has laboratory exposure while working directly with COVID – 19 specimens,

• has difficulty breathing or shortness of breath when at rest or lying down.

STACC Safety protocol for COVID-19:

Entering Building

    • All players are to enter via the normal player entrance.
    • Door will be opened 15 minutes prior to each ice slot. This door will remain locked and the team safety/covid rep is responsible for letting their players in with only one parent per family (not player).
    • The rep should be the only one standing in the foyer/entrance as there is not enough room to social distance more than 1.
    • Only one parent/guardian per family is allowed to enter the club. No siblings are allowed. If the parent is a coach, that is considered the one parent.

When entering the building everyone must:

    • Wear a mask at all times while in the building(including in the dressing rooms). Players can take off the mask once they put on a helmet with a cage. Coaches need to wear masks until they are on the ice.
    • Hand sanitize when they enter the building before going through next set of doors.
    • Players need to proceed directly to the dressing rooms.
    • Social Distance while in the club at all times.
    • Only players that are fully dressed are allowed to stand social distanced along the glass if room is needed in the dressing room.
    • Parents are to go directly to the stands to sit social distance and not in groups. If the child needs their skates tied then the parent can access dressing room to tie skates. No one should be standing in the hallways, foyer or common areas. If you leave the building, you won’t be able to reenter after your ice slot has started. If your child doesn’t need their skates tied, the province has ask that you enter the building just before your ice slot and go directly to the stands to reduce the interaction between the groups.

Coaches/ Team Contact will be responsible to self-assess, assess and pre-screen all of their participants prior to entering the facility. They must keep a copy of all participants with name, phone numbers, email address and proof of having been pre-screened for each of their ice times for a minimum of 21 days. This requirement is part of your ice rental contract. If the province requests this tracing and your group can’t provide it, your group will be responsible for the fines.

Once your ice time has started, you cannot let anyone else in as the sanitizing process will be started for the next group. Please ensure that all parents are aware of this rule and not going to let people in the entrance or exit. If the area has to be resantized, there may be an extra charge to your group.

Dressing Rooms

    • Maximum of 9 players allowed per the newer dressing rooms. 2 rooms will be scheduled for every rental.
    • Province recommends that participants arrive to the facility fully dressed especially if they can’t tie their own skates. Dressing rooms are limited to provide social distancing. Province has suggested skate tying and use of skate guard prior to entering the building.
    • Players must use the bathrooms in their dressing room as the general bathrooms have been closed.
    • The showers in each dressing room will be turned off – no showering.
    • Players must remain in their dressing room until time to enter the ice unless space is needed for another player to dress. Then they are allowed to go stand by the glass near their gate entrance social distanced 6 feet apart.
    • Please enter the ice surface with the rink door nearest your dressing room and the gate on that side. We are trying to limit interaction between the groups.
    • Rooms are sanitized after every use. We ask that groups leave the room clean and throw out all their garbage in the bins provided before vacating the room.

Facility Rules

    • There will be no team or individual warm up/training off the ice.
    • No spitting in the dressing rooms, hallways or player benches.
    • The water bottle refill station in the dressing room hallway will be turned off. Please bring your own water bottles filled from home.
    • Any spectators are expected to maintain social distancing of 2 meters from other spectators at all times.
    • The Canteen and Hall areas will be locked. Spectators must use the washrooms in the official’s room at the end of the hall.
    • All participants and visitors must hand sanitize when exiting the facility.
    • There will be no spectators allowed for rentals starting after 9:30pm.

After the Practice/Game

    • Parents are to leave immediately through the exit unless needed to take off skates. Please wait outside for their child to ensure no grouping in the hallway.
    • Once you leave the building, you cannot re-enter as next group has started to come in and we need to limit interaction between groups.
    • Participants must leave the ice surface promptly once the buzzer sounds.
    • All players and parents must exit the building via the South end of the dressing room hallway. Signs will be posted.
    • All players and parents must be out of the building within 15 minutes of their ice slot.
    • Exit door cannot be propped open and needs to remain closed at all times.



    • Due to covid requirements, we do not have a lot of extra rooms so coaches of same sex are asked to put on their skates in the 2 dressing rooms assigned.
    • If we have an extra dressing room, we will try to accommodate an opposite sex coach.
    • Please note if there is an oldtime game after your slot, we won’t have any dressing rooms available but may have the old official room.
    • Since we are using the official’s room as a bathroom for the parents, we cannot allow you to change in there this year.

Exhibition Games

    • If you are planning on an exhibition game, we need to know well in advance of the game.
    • There will be an additional charge depending on the number of dressing rooms that are needed.
    • We need to ensure there is not a game already schedule before or after your game.

The renting group is responsible for the actions of their members (players, coaches and parents). Failure to adhere to the protocol may result in loss of future ice slots.

* The above rules are subject to change at any time in accordance with provincial COVID guidelines. In the event we must close due to a lockdown or for a deep cleaning due to COVID being present, we will try our best to notify all affected users as fast as we can.

If there are any concerns please email to discuss further and do not approach the ice staff. All ice staff are following the rules set out for them.

** The Community Club Board reserves the right to revoke the privileges of any group or individual without warning if they are found to be disregarding these rules or abusing staff enforcing these rules.