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Volunteer Fee Refund

St. Andrews Community Club Board of Directors – Implements a Volunteer Fee for Fall Registrations

As the St. Andrews Community continues to grow and the number of recreation and leisure activities increases in the area, the number of volunteers needed to help run these programs also increases. The Board of Directors appreciates all the volunteers and repeat volunteers who continue to come forward and offer their time and talent to help mentor the children and keep the club running.

On many occasions the board struggles to find volunteers for simple tasks that a community run Community Club requires, therefore it has decided to implement a volunteer fee to encourage parents to come forward and give some of their time to the community. There are many programs, schools and community clubs in Manitoba that use volunteer fees as a means of finding new volunteers and future committee members. With all the above in mind, the board of directors felt a volunteer fee was in the best interest of the club remaining available to all and successful for future generations.

There will be numerous volunteer opportunities available and families will be informed of these opportunities by email and on the website.

Starting with August 2017, you can earn a refund of $25 of the club fee paid when you volunteer more than 2 hours. This change was due to hockey requiring a single club fee being charged. So you have to volunteer 2 hours or more per each club fee paid. For example, 1 child is 2 hours $25 refund, 2 kids is 4 hours $50 refund, 3 kids is 6 or more hours $75 refund. It is no longer charged as a family fee but part of the club fee. It will be up to each family to sign-up for available volunteer jobs during the 12-month time frame (August-July). Each year the system will reset itself for the next 12-month time frame.

Jobs that qualify include:

  • Coaches
  • Managers
  • Convenors
  • STACC board members
  • Canteen worker
  • Dance volunteer
  • 50/50 sellers, when benefiting the club (not sport)
  • Fundraising help for the club – does not include specific fundraising for a personal program/team/sports
  • Skate with Santa
  • Help with special events
  • Craft sale
    This does not include working at tournaments where the profits are given to the personal team, jersey person, parent rep, treasurer, and windup coordinator.

You can email to get a complete list.

If you haven’t used your refund on other program registration or balances owing by October of the following year, the club will issue you a cheque refund.

If you should have any questions on this fee or the volunteer positions, please contact

High School Volunteer Credit

Are you looking to fulfill your high school volunteer credit? St. Andrews Community Club can get you there. We have a number of places we could use your help.

  • Assistants at Inservice Day Camp
  • Helpers at Summer Day Camp throughout the summer
  • Special Events
  • Canteen Helper
    Please contact if you are interested.

Please fill out the form and submit to Kim Boughton at

Registration Form (Word Document)
registration form_credit for volunteering 2026-17