AAA & AA Tryouts


If you are considering registering your child for AAA or AA tryouts, please note the following important information:

  • Registration for AAA & AA tryouts is only open to those players who were born in 2009 or earlier (Mosquito level or higher).

  • You must register through your local community club in order to try out.

  • When registering through the St. Andrews Community Club, you will be required to pay the club administration fee.

  • Tryouts will be held the week of April 1 – 7, 2019, as follows:

Fielding Evaluations (Winnipeg Soccer Federation North, 770 Leila Ave)

Mosquito (11U) 2008/09- Mon April 1, 6-8pm & Thur April 4, 6-7:15pm

Pee Wee (13U) 2006/07- Wed April 3, 6-8pm & Thur April 4, 7:15-8:30pm

Bantam (15U) 2004/05 – Mon April 1, 8-10pm & Thur April 4, 8:30-10pm

Midget (18U) 2001/02/03 – Wed Apr 3, 8-10pm

Pitching, Catching, Hitting (Home Run Sports, 905 King Edward St)

Mosquito (11U) 2008/09- Sat April 6, 6:00-8:00pm

Pee Wee (13U) 2006/07 – Sun April 7, 10:00am-12:00pm

Bantam (15U) 2004/05 – Sat April 6, 8:00pm-10:00pm

Midget (18U) 2001/02/03 – Sun April 7, 12:00-2:00pm

  • If a player is not successful at the AAA or AA level, he or she is always welcome to play at the community club level.  Please contact for information. 

 Good luck to all those who try out!!