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Hall Rentals/Birthday Parties

STACC Birthday Party/Meeting Hall Rentals Fees (as of April 1st, 2022)

$40/hour plus gst (minimum rental 2 hours) from September 15th until March 31st of each year

$60/hour plus gst (minimum rental of 3 hours) from April 1st to September 14th of each year

This rental includes the use of tables and chairs as well as pre-approved, limited use, of youth programming equipment.

It is the responsibility of the renters to set the tables and chairs up/take down, clear them and wipe them off at the end of the rental, sweep the floors and ensure the hall is generally tidy at the end of their rental period.

Note: the increase in cost for the “off season” is to cover the cost of staffing and cleaning.

Other available Birthday Parties

Skating Party – 1 hour ice rental fee plus minimum 1 hour hall rental and gst

Beam Interactive – $50 plus hall rental fees above and gst

Floor Hockey (indoor) – included in the hourly rental fee – plastic sticks and soft balls will be provided and must be used

Kinder Gym Birthday Party – $50 plus hall rental fees above (renters assistance with setup req.)