Respect in Sports for Parents

The parent that is registering their child MUST register and complete the Respect in Sport Parent Program

Please Note: This is a different program than the Respect in Sport Activity Leaders (Coach) program and must be completed by any parent registering their child for hockey.

PLEASE NOTE: As this is a completely different program from the team roster RIS Activity Leaders (Coach) program, anyone that has completed the RIS Activity Leaders (Coach) program, MUST now complete the Parent RIS program, before you are able to register a child for hockey in the upcoming 2014-15 season.

Links to the User Instructions for Respect in Sport for Parents can be found at:



Direct link to the Registration page for Respect in Sport for Parents can be found at:


1. Q: How will the family accounts of the Respect In Sport Parent Program link to the HCR?
Answer: At registration, the parent must associate a child or children to her/his profile (Child Management) where an association must be selected. After a parent is certified, and assuming he/she has associated a child to his profile, the HCR record of the child is updated under Clinics and Qualifications, including the Respect in Sport certificate number.

PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE PERSON REGISTERING FOR THE COURSE COMPLETES THE FOLLOWING SECTION: Enter the proper child information in the Child Management Page, then click on No Further Children to Add when done.

2. Q: What are the payment options for the RIS for Parents online course?
Answer: The payment is done through PayPal, by credit card or debit card.

3. Q: What if my association does not have online registration, as I understand I need my RIS number to register my child to play hockey?
Answer: The parent or parents can still take and pay for the course online through . Once the parent has completed the course, they should print out the Respect in Sport certificate number and bring that printout to the “walk-in registration” day(s).

4. Q: How will the area associations know who has completed the course?
Answer: The Project Manager of the Respect Group will run reports to ensure they have all the information needed at the association level. The Project Manager has access to tools for exceptions, mainly when a parent is certified and has forgotten to associate a child to his profile (one of the most common registration errors) so he can verify if a parent has actually taken the course, but is not aligned to their child’s profile.

If you have any further questions, send them to Garry Preachuk-